Relationship & Sexuality 
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Deepen your relationship, communication and intimacy during this program of transformation!


You can feel HAPPIER and LOVED in your current relationship

You can have your needs met, feel UNDERSTOOD, SEEN and HEARD by your partner

You can make your sex life AMAZING filled with PASSION and FUN

The catalyst -

You committing to it being better - Consistently Everyday

It really doesn't need to be any harder then this.


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Over 6 week's...

Relationship & Sexuality

Will Teach You:
• Strategies and exercises to understand both yours and your partner’s needs. 
How to make them feel more loved and cherished whilst also making sure your relationship doesn’t become stagnant.  
• Learn the importance of your energy and how it impacts the health of your relationship and sex life.  
• Learn how women and men are wired differently for love, sex and communication
•Understand yourself deeper as a sexual being, how to create sexual polarity in your relationship to keep desire alive. 
• Create the Relationship of your dreams on your terms that will ensure both your wellbeing  
• Get the Sex Education you never received  
• How to create a strong container of boundaries and consent to promote safety and comfort
• Begin an intimate relationship with yourself. Understand how your previous relationships and experience impact your current relationship
All in a safe and loving environment.

This program is for singles and couples. 

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30% Discount - Limited Time ONLY

Let’s break it all down.
Here's what you're really getting...
  • Week 1: An emotional closeness, the familiarity of knowing your partner, a deep connection. You might describe intimacy in different ways although as primal human beings who long to be loved and to belong. We crave intimacy first from our parents and in particular our mothers, second from our friends as we grow and thirdly with our partner.  However, we can only meet our partners at the depth in which we have met ourselves.  So having an intimate relationship with yourself is the first step to creating a loving relationship with your partner. This is what week 1 is dedicate to. You! 
  • Week 2: One of my favorite topics - Female Sex Education. Learn the female anatomy, how females are wired for pleasure, learn your orgasm potential and I will guide you through Feminine Energy and their archetypes plus breast massage and tracking your menstrual cycle.  Big Week! 
  • Week 3: Is all about the Men! Male Sex Education and Archetypes of the Masculine. Unfortunately, men do not have a rite of passage any longer. No tribal initiation into manhood and it shows.  In this week I take you through the 4 archetypes of the masculine and how you can engage them. 
  • Week 4: The 'Secret Sauce' to lasting love - How to create a relationship that feels connected, secure, comfortable, fun.  This week I give you theory and exercises to understand/connect and communicate better with each other. 
  • Week 5: Learn connection exercises and open space in your relationship for communicating at a deeper level.  We also cover My Top Tips for improving your sex life.  It wouldn't be my course if I didn't include some history on the sexual and marriage evolution. Nerd Alert ;)
  • Week 6: I guide you to release your sexual shame.  This is HUGE.  I will take you through the wheel of consent, and a small exercise to create more consent in the bedroom.  When we know our boundaries and feel safe with our partner we will open up more fully in the bedroom. 
  • ​Life Time Access!
  • ​Bonus - Communicating with Love Training
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So, what happens over the 6 weeks?
Each week for 6 weeks you will receive a training straight to your inbox
What if I can't commit to 6 weeks?
Don't stress - You have life time access so you can learn at your own pace.
When can I redeem the bonus'?
The bonus is in the welcome section of the program.  Waiting for you :) 

30% Discount - Limited Time ONLY
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Lauren was the best person to host this programs, she created a safe space where I was able to share and learn to the best of my ability. I got a deeper understanding of myself and my relationship with my partner from this, and encourage everyone to attend what I would like to call this modern day sex education, going alone without my partner I was slightly nervous, but Lauren made me feel very welcome. If you wanna understand yourself and your partner get to this program!
James, NSW
I attended one of Lauren’s Relationship program after following her work online for some time. The program was a wonderful experience where Lauren facilitated an open and safe environment for us to share personal experiences, thoughts and curiosity. I walked away from the program with further insights into why both men and woman may exhibit certain behaviours or traits, and what we can do as partners and masters of our own self, to improve our experiences in a relationship and that of our partner. I have enjoyed implementing and experimenting with the learnings I have taken from Lauren as I deepen the connection with self and others. I look forward to future workshops with Lauren and taking my relationships to an even higher level.

Craig, NSW
Here's how it works...
Once a week for 6 weeks you will be delivered a training for you to complete in the comfort of your own home. 
You will have life time access, so take as long as you want to work through the training's. 
Make it fun - book a night each week to work through the training's with your partner :) 
FAQ - Can I attend if I am single?
Of course you can, this workshop is designed
both singles and couples. 

FAQ - What If I Can't Commit To 6 Weeks?
That is Ok! You have life time access to work at your own pace 

FAQ - How Long Will The Sessions Go For?
Approximately 1 hour each.  Depends on how
many questions we have at the end. 

FAQ - Is there Worksheets To Complete?
No. It is a live training every week, so I encourage you to bring your own notepad. 

FAQ - Can I Have A Refund If I am Unsatisfied?
No. There are no refunds with this live training. So please ensure it is a good fit for you before purchasing. 
About Lauren...
'Pleasure is your birthright and also your responsibility'
Lauren is relationship and intimacy coach for couples who want to build a strong and stable relationship. Her sessions are tailor made to accommodate each individual couple. Clients achieve new levels of understanding for themselves and their partners whilst regaining balance, harmony and fun along with love, respect and connection. 

30% Discount - Limited Time ONLY

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